Tuesday, November 19, 2013

We're Hiring! Chassis Fabricator Wanted

We're looking for an additional full time chassis fabricator, building hot rods, customs, and race cars. Includes building frames from scratch for early hot rods all the way up to a full unitized construction race cars (drag and road racing). We need someone who can read blueprints, TIG, can "see" the finished project as they go, and someone who can think for themselves, and be as passionate about building hot rods as the rest of the HRCC family. A welding test (TIG) will be part of the interview process.

Former Military personnel are also highly encouraged, especially those with aircraft fabrication AFSC/MOS/Rate.

MUST be detail oriented. MUST have a good work ethic. MUST have good integrity. MUST be motivated. MUST have a love for obsolete technology. MUST love hot rods and customs. MUST have own tools.

We are a tight knit family and if you can actually rise to the challenge of the position, chances are you will never leave.
Send resumes to melanie@hotrodchassisandcycle.com or fax to 630.458.0810. INCLUDE a brief cover letter detailing why you think you have what it takes to build hot rods and race cars.

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