Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rocket is making mad progress on Dougs '55. A set of ladder bars was just the fix for all the wheel hop and axle wrap. And the new HRCC 9" will take whatever we throw at it. We should have it a roller next week.
With all the updates we scheduled with Robert McGaffin on his PHR Project Olds '65 Olds 4-4-2, I kept looking the stock dash. And thinking how awful the stock "sweeper" speedo was. And then there was the gauge panel installed beneath the dash with the "missing" gauges that Detroit often left out of a dash in favor or idiot lights. I think this looks much better, don't you? Photo: McGaffin Digital Photography.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Going to SEMA? Stop by the Stewart Warner booth 22317 (at the bottom of the ramp by the Ford Booth) check it out in person. Be sure to say Hi and tell us you saw this on Facebook. Photo by our good friend Robert McGaffin of McGaffin Digital Photography
So, Peter A. rang up the shop and said to me, "hey, I've got this '58 Bel Air that someone cut the roof off of. And I'd like something a bit different. You'll never guess what we have planned for this unsuspecting maligned '58. But it involves a stellar body mod, and "hauling the mail."
Doug's '55 Chevy is in the shop to receive a TKO600 and Quartermax Ladder bars with our 9" with Moser Engineering Guts. He was experiencing wheel hop and bad axle wrap with stock leaf springs, and we're going to fix that.
So you thought you seen everything? No. You haven't. HRCC is proud to announce (although a bit remiss) Project Violent Valiant!! A Plymouth Valiant is not exactly top of mind when tasked with building a kick ass race car. At a typical GoodGuys Autocross event, it’s tough to get noticed in a field dominated by Camaro’s, Nova’s and Chevelle’s running LS based motors. The Violent Valiant will hopefully help inspire the non-GM crowd to participate, and perhaps even think outside the box. We thought that the Valiant would be perfect because it is a small, light car and these A-body Mopars are almost built from the factory to be race cars. There’s not going to be much factory stuff left when we are done, but it is a great starting platform. Violent will feature Max Wedge based power with a Hilborn Fuel Injection backed by a Tremec T-56. Like our Raybestos 1964 GTO-R Giveaway Car, the Valiant will get a purpose built HRCC chassis in the style of vintage Trans Am racers with a healthy dose of modern technology. Look for the Violent Valiant at an Autocross or Road Racing event near you in 2014. WHY BUILD A ‘64 VALIANT? FOLLOW THE BUILD EXCLUSIVELY ON: BANGshift!