Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Rod Defined.

According to Websters, the definition of Hot Rod is:
an automobile rebuilt or modified for high speed and fast acceleration.

A couple of weeks ago we mocked up Steve's 1933 Dodge Coupe for the first time. Everybody that sees it says the stance is dead on. We couldn't agree more. The wheel wells have been raised 2.5" and pushed forward 2. Quarter panel patches and firewall patches from a 1933-34 Ford were used and ended up accentuating the chopped Dodge lines very well. An HRCC prepped Grant Flamethrower and an inline quartet of Stromberg 48 carbs will join forces to feed spark, fuel and air into the 354 inch Chrysler. The Tremec five speed will be translating the power to the HRCC 9" rear and the 10.0x15 slicks trying to re-tilt the earths axis.
This car will have no problem defining Hot Rod.

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