Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 SEMA Show

Kevin and I joined fellow Czar brother Josh/Lucky out at the SEMA show for the giveaway of the Raybestos '32 Ford RPU built by Hollywood Hot Rods and for the announcement of HRCC building the 2011 Raybestos giveaway car, a 1964 Pontiac GTO-R Road Racer. While Josh is a SEMA veteran, it was a whole new world for Kevin and I. We walked for MILES. And we met lots of great people. Ran into lots of people that we knew. It was a great time!

Kevin and the guys from Meg's Exhaust at the Source Interlink/Raybestos after party. Up next is RPU winner Vin. He was beyond excited. Who can blame him?! Then Vin with Josh and Troy Ladd. We had a ball hanging out with Troy and Josh. And finally, I met Alex Xidias and Pete Chapouris, both great heroes of mine. Definitely the highlight of the trip for me! Both were super nice and Pete was complimentary of our work at HRCC. Holy Crap! I was shaking after that.

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