Monday, February 8, 2010

Kustoms and Hot Rods Magazine

Be sure to hit your local newstand or gas station for a copy of Auto Trader Classics Kustoms and Hot Rods. Inside you'll find an article on hot rod chassis' featuring the work of HRCC and also an article on the shop itself. Great pics and a good read! Also check out the '27 Chrysler that looks to have taken alot of inspiration from a certain Model A that we are certainly partial to. ;)

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Don Smith said...

I have just received a copy of your Hot Rod Legends..10 all-time greats.
I have felt privileged to have known all on your list and those that are still alive, I see yearly at the SEMA Hall of Fame luncheon. 8 of your 10 greats are members of the HofF and the other two should be.
i think you should continue on with the next top 10 as there are many more deserving people that should get this honor..Shelby, Dick Wells, Linda Vaughn, other members of the HoF, etc.etc.
Don Smith
Member: SEMA Hall of Fame
and more......