Monday, December 22, 2008

Operation Christmas HAMB

Kevin appeared in an article in the Sun Times this weekend in regards to his Christmas HAMB project to send packages to troops stationed overseas.

Tully is truly a classic

Kevin Tully Runs Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle in Addison. They build hot rods, custom motorcycles race cars, etc.

This year he organized a nationwide gift drive for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan who are into hot rodding. Through a hot rod message board, he set up drop points around the country and people not only donated the normal toiletries and other necessities, but also DVDs, magazines and books, new and used. I do some DJing, so he asked me to compile a CD of rocabilly/surf Christmas songs, and another friend dubbed copies to send.

This was all volunteer work and donations. (Note: They sent about 130 packages from the Chicago are, plus other packages from other cities.)

Joe Wislar, Evergreen Park

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